An elegant, collaborative place to write for Mac and iOS

Strike is a modern writing app with powerful features like Smart Markdown, tables, attachments and photos, text sorting, tags, and more.

Collaborate with others, password-protect documents, and sync it all with iCloud.Strike is the next generation of text editing for Mac and iOS (available separately).


- Collaborative Edits
- Outline
- Versioning and History 
- Tags
- Markdown Support
- Document Colors
- Dark theme Mac Os

- Save time with Markdown and one-click formatting
- Insert professional-looking tables and charts
- Include accurate mathematical equations with MathJax
- Attach files for easy organization
- Automatically generate outlines and add tags for quick navigation

- Fix errors quickly with spellcheck and autocorrect
- Sort text (even outside of tables)
- Remove duplicates with one click- Turn outlines into paragraphs
- Convert any text to upper, lower, title, or sentence case

- Password-protect files with sensitive data
- Lock files that shouldn’t be edited
- Insert notes without adding new text to the file
- Keep track of versions and edits with history
- Export attachments and PDFs with ease

Format Text Faster Than Ever
Smart Markdown lets you add styles like bold, italics, and strikethrough with just a few key taps.
Add Headings With a Click
Add headings with Markdown or use the one-click menu to apply styles.
Create Checklists With One Key
Add a dash before a line to turn it into a checklist. It’s never been so easy to keep track of your tasks.

Leave Notes Without Editing Your Text
Add a quick note for yourself or collaborators without changing the text of the document.
Get Document Outlines Automatically
Strike automatically turns your headings into an outline for fast navigation.

Jump Around Your Document With Tags
Use tags to keep track of mentions and jump to specific places in your document with a click.

Add Professional-Looking Tables
One click gives you a table that you can easily edit or expand. No need for menus or formatting.

Customize Smart Charts
Choose from seven types of charts that you can create and edit right in Strike.

Write Accurate Mathematical Formulas
MathJax lets you create publication-quality math formulas without leaving your text editor.

Customize Your Document Theme and Colors
Don’t like the look of your document? Customize every file with a different theme or color choice.